SoftIron has joined the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ASD’s ACSC) as a Network Partner.

Elevating our commitment to cybersecurity

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly, posing significant challenges to organisations worldwide. In this ever-changing landscape, collaboration and transparency are key to staying one step ahead of potential threats. As an ASD’s ACSC Network Partner and a CVE CNA, SoftIron is taking proactive steps to enhance our commitment to cybersecurity and threat intelligence.

What is the ASD’s ACSC Network Partnership Program?

The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Network Partnership Program is designed to foster collaboration among government, industry, academia, and research sectors to strengthen cybersecurity resilience across Australia. It creates a collaborative ecosystem where organisations can share insights, expertise, and threat intelligence to collectively address cybersecurity challenges.

Why SoftIron joined the ASD’s ACSC Network

Our decision to become an ASD’s ACSC Network Partner aligns with our core values of security, transparency, and innovation, and has come after consultation with stakeholders inside ASD. Here’s why we made this significant commitment:

  1. Enhancing cyber resilience - Being a part of the ASD’s ACSC Network allows us to access threat intelligence, collaborate with cybersecurity professionals across sectors, and engage in resilience-building activities. It equips us with the knowledge and tools to continuously strengthen our products and services against emerging threats, particularly in an Australian context.

  2. Commitment to Australia - With our factory in Botany, SoftIron is contributing to the cyber security of Australia by closing the gap to better hardware resilience and more transparent infrastructure. Collaboration is at the heart of effective cybersecurity and by joining the ASD’s ACSC Network, we’re not only contributing our expertise but also learning from the collective knowledge of the Australian network.

  3. Contributing to a secure digital environment - Our partnership is about creating a secure digital environment and we believe our perspectives on sovereignty, hardware resilience, accountability, and transparency can be beneficial to the wider ecosystem.

SoftIron is committed to upholding the highest standards of security, transparency, and accountability. We will actively participate in sharing threat intelligence, collaborating on cybersecurity challenges, and contributing to the broader cybersecurity community in Australia and abroad.

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