Virtualization has brought about lower infrastructure costs, greater flexibility and the ability to rapidly provision computing resources. But the virtualization landscape has a number of glaring flaws, made all the more obvious in recent months.

Complex licensing, shambling legacy software and difficult to navigate interfaces water down the benefits of virtualization. The impact of this includes increased licensing and infrastructure costs, spiraling security vulnerabilities and barriers to rapid scale. VM Squared is here to change that.

Virtualization has been a part of HyperCloud, our holistic private cloud platform, from the very start. We’ve previously discussed how HyperCloud’s approach to virtualization offers benefits currently out of reach for VMware users. However, we know that adopting HyperCloud is a strategic shift, and right now many organizations are seeking a quicker escape route from the chaos caused by the Broadcom acquisition of VMware.

VM Squared is that escape route. But it’s more than just that. VM Squared is a more efficient, more intuitive, more scalable solution that offers multi-tenancy out of the box. And unlike VMware, you don’t need a whitepaper just to understand our straightforward pricing structure.

Streamlined user interface with a simple upgrade process

VM Squared’s unified, clean dashboard is built on the principle that your virtualization platform should be designed around the tasks you are performing, not around the sprawl of legacy franken-software that has been stitched together to be “good enough”. No configuration setting is more than a few clicks away.

A fresh install of VM Squared can take as little as 30 minutes. The one-click upgrade process is just as smooth and can be done without disrupting your daily operations. What’s more, all upgrades are included in your VM Squared license, so your organization will be able to access the latest security patches and features as soon as they are available.

Infrastructure that manages itself

You won’t need a “VM Squared expert” to use VM Squared. We’ve found ways to reduce daily operational overhead through clever automation and intuitive design. Save time with auto-detection of new nodes, and the ability to quickly set clear affinity and anti-affinity rules to ensure your VMs are distributed effectively.

That naturally leads to a reduction of the burden on your IT support staff and better outcomes for your development teams.

Multi-tenancy with centralized integrated billing

Multi-tenancy is available out of the box with VM Squared, no additional licenses or installs needed. Role-based access control (RBAC) ensures no tenant can see or interact with anything stored under a separate tenancy. Billing features are also included out of the box with an intuitive dashboard for chargeback, and centralized integrated billing. Streamline your billing process by consolidating usage and costs across all tenants into a single interface.

Products like VMware’s vSphere do not deliver a simple multi-tenant process; you have to pay twice and build twice to manage one workload. That’s because vSphere requires an entirely separate installation for administration and management components, leading to more challenges and additional configuration required to achieve resource isolation, security, compliance and management tasks (such as billing, provisioning and support).

Streamline your VM creation with Amplifier

VM Squared includes access to our Amplifier cloud app and image marketplace, delivering pre-made templates specially designed to be used inside a VM Squared environment, including Microsoft Windows, virtual network appliances, many Linux images and more. You can even snapshot live virtual machines and add them as templates for other tenants to use in your own marketplace.

No more API sprawl

The VM Squared API provides a single, modern, RESTful API covering all aspects of infrastructure, virtualization, storage, network and user administration for the cloud system. VM Squared allows customers to set a CPU/RAM/disk cost and retrieve accounting information from the API without additional extensions.

VM Squared uses a single, modern API.

Cut through typical barriers to scale

We’ve designed VM Squared to minimize your barriers to scale. Efficient resource usage enables your teams to do more with less, licensing costs are fixed, and the management effort to deploy, configure, and manage resources remains the same whether you are running 100 VMs or 10,000.

With VM Squared, your organization can efficiently accommodate an increasing number of tenants and resources without compromising on resilience or reliability. This scalability ensures that the billing process remains efficient and responsive as the platform expands. Centralized tenancy management ensures that even in a large and dynamic environment, access controls, data protection, and compliance requirements can be met.

Migration tool for moving from VMware to VM Squared

Our migration tool delivers a smooth transition between VMware and VM Squared, bringing across all your VMs, adding the necessary drivers and converting disk images automatically.

Terraform-based processes are easy to migrate, too. Our Terraform provider means that swapping from VMware is just a couple of lines of code away. Once migrated you will find our platform delivers clear and efficient integrations, moving you towards a cloud approach, and away from old IaaS.

A simple upgrade path to true private cloud

VM Squared provides a streamlined, modern approach to virtualization that will run on your existing hardware. VM Squared is also a direct pathway towards running your own true private cloud, just as easy (and often, easier) to manage as the best public cloud offerings on the market today. All because VM Squared’s DNA is inherited from HyperCloud, a fixed-cost, public cloud experience in the private cloud, completely owned, on your terms, and your turf, without the cost of building or operating it.

So if your organization is ready to move from just solving virtualization headaches towards a strategic shift that reduces operational overhead and opens up opportunities to deliver private cloud solutions in ways your competitors could only dream of, the upgrade path from VM Squared to HyperCloud makes that possible.

Why not try it out for yourself?

Register for early access to VM Squared, and see for yourself the potential it could bring to your organization.

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